New Project Ideas!

Hello all!

I have some good news, and some bad news.

As Rush eludes too: Bad news first.

I unfortunately did not get the job I had applied for in the first round of job postings through the university. I am quite bummed about it, as I wanted a hardware related job in Waterloo for the fall term. I will see what I can do during continuous jobmining during the next month though.

The good news!

Hell week is over, and my midterms are trickling in. Fortunately, they are… acceptable. This means I have time to do projects again!

The next thing I would like to make is a basic CMOY amp, which will springboard me into making an Objective2 headphone amp for my new pair of AKG K240s. I am quite excited, as I love the signal conditioning aspects of audio amplifiers!

I have also (unrelated) began to self-teach myself German, as I have been having ideas of possibly doing an exchange in Germany. We shall see!




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